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     Bill McLaughlin




Startups in Key Segments

McLaughlin & Morgan has particular expertise in the following industries:
      Information, Communications and Technology
     Chemical Process Industries, including Manufacturing

Recently, McLaughlin & Morgan helped an ASP (application software provider) redefine and rewrite its business and marketing plans, and then acquire necessary investment capital. Once the planning phase was complete, McLaughlin & Morgan introduced the major shareholders of the company to investors who purchased all assets of the company. The business and marketing plans that McLaughlin & Morgan created were key factors in the sale of the firm.

In Ireland, McLaughlin & Morgan recently arranged crucial introductions for a startup in the pharmaceutical process supply industry. Prior to a sales trip to Ireland, this firm met with McLaughlin & Morgan to set out a plan of action to follow while in Ireland. This planning could not have been accomplished without in-depth knowledge of the country or industry.

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     Philadelphia, PA
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     Bill McLaughlin

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